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A client voiced an objection to a formal change we'd made to a building in a meeting yesterday, saying that he thought it was too "international style". He admitted it was really personal preference.Here's mine: I love the International Style. Here's a little bloggy celebration

This is Rika:This is the doghouse designed by Frank Lloyd Wright that's been making the news lately:Which got me to thinking: what kind of doghouse would I design for Rika? The answer is that I wouldn't, because Rika - like most dogs in America I'd

The post about the wood pallet facades got me thinking about facades. So - NEW COLUMN! Facade Fridays will highlight an interesting facade each Friday. Our inaugural facade will be one of my favorites - the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris France:Photo from nyhabitat.comImage from Designcliff's WeblogWhat

French architect Stephane Malka has envisioned a building facade made up entirely of wood pallets - including the suspended soffit seen above. While it looks very intriguing, and the idea seems sustainable at first glance, I can't help wondering about the weight of all those wood pallets.